La Rabbia

La Rabbia (The Rage)Eliza Harris
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"...torno, e ritorno, il mio giro intorno,

Mai più, la rabbia non c'è..."

I wrote La Rabbia as part of the first international workshop of Medusa in London. It was translated into Italian for the workshop in Piacenza, Italy and this recording was done in Chicago during our run at Steppenwolf Theater and community venues. The backing vocals on this track are in Italian!

The video above is La Rabbia performed at the Cockpit Theatre, London, March 2020. At this point in the show, Medusa is alone in her cave, having painfully discovered that everyone she comes into contact with is turned into stone.

Sword or Shield

Sword or ShieldEliza Harris
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"Once upon a time I kicked up my heels,

In a time when it was safe to feel,

No hurry, no worry, no pain to explain away

No guilt inbuilt 'til he came one day..."

Sword or Shield was written during the Medusa devising process and sent to the Chicago ensemble as a stimulus for their devising in August 2019. 

Song of Perseus

"What do I know about the figure before me?

I never asked her to tell me her story.

I'm blinded, blindsided by all the times

   that life didn't follow the reasons or rhymes"

Written as part of the London devising process for Medusa, this song is written from Perseus's point of view in the split second before he cuts off Medusa's head.

In the London productions we used the chord progression throughout, notably as he cut off her head and she transformed into a Pegasus.